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What's On is the best guide for finding the entertainment you want

Find out what’s on TV right now, when your favorite shows are on next and what’s playing in theaters. What’s On makes it simple to find something to watch! It also satisfies the celebrity news you crave -- from breaking news and gossip, celebrity interviews, photos with exclusive behind the scenes TV and movie stills, award shows, movie premieres and more! What’s On is your one stop shop for all your entertainment needs.

What's On App is the perfect solution — a portable entertainment guide for your iPhone/iPod Touch! What's On? is a powerful entertainment guide in the palm of your hand. Discover what's on television by simply browsing the grid. Want to know what's playing in theaters? We have that covered too. High resolution graphics and multitasking support create a rich user experience that can't be found anywhere else!

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  • Powered by a more comprehensive data set (Zap2it)
  • New, brighter, cleaner interface
  • Up to the minute television, movie and celebrity news provided by Zap2it.
  • Browse movie times by theater specific to your location.
  • Add TV shows or movies to your favorite list.
  • Search for TV shows, episodes, movies, and articles.
  • Create custom channel lists.
  • Receive push notifications.


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